Scalp Acupuncture For Stroke



Brain gray matter structure is widely injured after a stroke. The volume of brain gray matter gradually decreases when time goes by.

In a clinical study to observe how acupuncture can inhibit the progression of gray matter injury in patients with stroke, 16 stroke patients were recruited, and assigned to the scalp acupuncture group or the control group, 8 in each group. A third group of 16 healthy volunteers were recruited. All the participants received brain scanning. Two weeks after treatment, the scalp acupuncture group showed a reduction of progression of gray matter injury in comparison to the two other groups.

In another clinical study, seventy stroke patients with arm impairments were divided into two groups. The “interactive dynamic scalp acupuncture” group received scalp acupuncture therapy and rehabilitation training at the same time. The second group received scalp acupuncture therapy and rehabilitation training separately. The interactive dynamic scalp acupuncture therapy achieved the superior improvements of arm function and the activity of daily life as compared with the traditional scalp acupuncture therapy, and the longer the treatment lasted, the more apparent the improvements were.

How can acupuncture show some improvements on stroke patients?

To answer this question, a study of 61 stroke patients was carried out. The patients were divided into two groups. The first group received routine treatment. The second group received both routine treatment and scalp acupuncture for 7 days. Inflammatory markers in blood were measured during and after the treatments. The research team found that scalp acupuncture improved patients’ clinical symptoms, probably by reducing stroke induced inflammatory reactions.


Disclaimer: please, be advised that different patients may have different results from Zhu’s scalp acupuncture. The earlier the treatment – the better results could be achieved. Please, contact our office for more information.

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