Muscular Dystrophy


Researchers from Zhengzhou Children’s Hospital conducted a two-year study on 60 pediatric patients with  Duchenne muscular dystrophy. All the participants were divided into two groups. The first group received the full treatment including acupuncture, heating infrared lamp, massage, herbs, and drugs. The second group received only the drug treatment.

Heating lamps are used to enhance the flow of blood in our body. Acupuncture with lamp treatment was applied once per day, five times per week, for a total of 90 sessions. Traditional Chinese massage stimulates nerve fibers and muscles. The drug treatment included an injection derivative of a Chinese herb, Ganoderma mushroom and an amino acid supplement.

The result was that the therapy combining acupuncture, heating lamp, massage, herbs, and drugs has shown significant results. It was found to reduce physical impairments and improve both walking and staircase climbing. In addition, the combined therapeutic regimen successfully reduced enzymes, associated with muscle diseases.


About Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common type of muscular dystrophies, which is a group of diseases. It makes our muscles weaker and less flexible over time. It is caused by a problem in one of our genes that controls how our body keeps muscles healthy. Symptoms usually begin early in childhood, from ages 3 – 5, and it is more common in boys than girls.

Symptoms include difficulty in standing up, walking, climbing stairs, as well as heart and lung problems. Unfortunately, there is no cure and patients only survive into their 40s or 50s.



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