Colorectal Cancer


One of the most common types of cancers today is colon cancer. This is a cancer of the lower portion of your digestive system, i.e. large intestine. On the other hand, rectal cancer, a type of colon cancer, spreads across a few inches of the large intestine. When they occur simultaneously, they are known as colorectal cancer. In most cases, colon cancer starts off as noncancerous (benign) and small clumps of cells that are known as adenomatous polyps. With time, these polyps turn into colon cancer. Polyps can be small and they can produce few symptoms. This is the reason that doctors recommend regular screening tests to identify and remove polyps for preventing colon cancer.

Chinese herbal medicine, commonly abbreviated as CHM, is used widely as a therapy method for the treatment of colorectal cancer in the regions of Asia. While the efficacy of CHM is not well known, several studies have been carried out for assessing the quality of the treatment. CHM is an adjunctive therapy with chemotherapy for treating three types of cancer: colon cancer, rectal cancer, and colorectal cancer. According to the research that has been conducted so far, Chinese Herbal Medicine when it is combined with the process of chemotherapy drastically increases the survival rate of 1-year and 3-year long cancer patients. Studies have also shown that the therapy slows down the progression of colorectal cancer, improves the quality of life, improves the immunity system, and significantly reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy. The study shows that the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine with chemotherapy improves the overall procedure of colorectal cancer treatment.

To summarize, Chinese Herbal Medicine, an adjunctive therapy to chemotherapy has a substantial positive effect on the process of chemotherapy itself since it immensely reduces the adverse effects that are caused by the procedure. In short, Chinese Herbal Medicine improves the quality of life, boosts immune regulation, alleviates the negative effects of chemotherapy, and prolongs the chances of survival of people that are suffering from colorectal cancer.

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