Asthma is a collective disorder of lungs characterized by inflammation, narrowing of air passages and excess production of mucus. Asthma affects people of all ages, approximately 300 million people have asthma worldwide, out of which more than 200 million are children.

Asthma could be a major problem that can hamper daily activities and is probably due to combined environmental and genetic (hereditary) factors. Depending upon its various types, effective treatment of asthma includes the identification and avoidance of allergens that triggers an asthmatic attack, the use of drug therapies and the development of an action plan for severe emergency attacks.

However besides this traditional routine management, a study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of acupuncture in patients with allergic asthma and if this procedure helps them improve their symptoms and overall health-related quality of life. The use of acupuncture in patients with allergic asthma has increased in the recent past decade but there is low evidence of the cost-benefit ratio of this treatment. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of additional acupuncture treatment in patients with allergic asthma compared to patients who received only the usual care.

Patients were divided into two categories; a group of randomized controlled group who receive up to 15 acupuncture sessions over a period of 3 months along with routine care and another group of non-randomized individuals who are receiving routine care management alone. Outcome measures were evaluated at baseline and after 6 months and the results are as follow.

In the randomized part, acupuncture was associated with an improvement in the AQLQ (asthma quality of life questionnaire) score compared to the control group. The procedure also shows improvement of asthmatic symptoms (fewer attacks, less production of mucus and reduction in airway swelling), better effects regarding patients toleration and increase asthma-specific and health-related quality of life.



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